Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Luxury Black HD Theme


Theme with more than 1000 icons in HD and we updated for ADWTheme LauncherPro
Luxury Black HD
ADW Theme HD with more than 100 icons and further increasing
inspired by iphone 5
ADW LAUNCHER or Launcher Pro or Panda Home.
High-quality theme focusing on modern unifying icons Theme for ADW.
Color Matching Wallpapers included.
**You need to have ADW.Launcher or "ADW Launcher Ex" installed to access the icons.
**Search for "ADW.Launcher Anderweb" if you are having trouble finding it.
**The Wallpapers will be listed for all launchers.
** HDPI and MDPI, and LDPI devices are supported.
**New Folders
To Apply the theme from within ADW:
Menu >
ADW Settings >
Theme Preferences >
Select Theme > “Luxury Black HD”